Monday, August 2, 2010

July 5, 2010

Hey mom =)
well things are getting a lot better here =) i thank you for all your prayers i still need them but things are better. i can now ride up the hill with out so many problems (can you say six pack?) the lord has really blessed me here and ive been humbled very quickly. ive never prayed so much in my life. how is texas? i hope things are going well. we are teaching a lady right now. we tracted into her. i think she may get baptised. she came to church yesterday and had a great experience. elder jones (my companion) says he thinks i was sent here for her. i hope she gets baptised before the end of this transfer so i can leave this area hahahahahaha!
oh yeah i got the shirts =) they fit perfectly and they help a lot. i also have to buy a bike now =( the elder i was barrowing the bike from needs it back. dad says i have money in my account to buy one with. well times almost up i hope you have a safe drive =) i love you mom have a good day =) and tell lauren i love her too =) and that im waiting for a letter back!!! thanks for everything =) say hi to the family for me =) (xoxoxo) thats for grandma =) bye mom =)