Sunday, August 15, 2010


Tuesday, Aug 10
Well, I'm in my new area! =) I'm in a car again. :) Snoqualmie is in the southern area of Bellevue. It's a pretty small town that is full of new developments. It's all been tracted many many times. My new companion is Elder Endicott. He's from Maryland. He's a really nice guy and I think we will get along.

I got you guys package today =) I loved it all! Lauren's scroll is hanging on the wall and so is Brittany's Mickey :) Thank you for the gliders and the Target cards. The gliders were a great ice breaker for me and my companion. Oh, and thanks for the picture of Christ, Lauren. I'm off to bed.

Wednesday, Aug 11
First full day in the new area! Boy oh boy it's going to be a hard area. Very much an upper class area, the people are not interested and the majority already know us. I guess there hasn't been a baptism in the area in two years. The members are young families. We only taught two lessons yesterday. Last week they only taught three lessons for the whole week! I'm just trying to show how hard the area is. I can do it though :)! Bring it on!
I still love my pictures and letters. They are hanging on my wall. Off to bed.

Thursday, Aug 12
Now that I'm not on a bike I'm working out more but the work is still slow. Zero lessons today. It was a long hot day. We are still trying to find different ways to introduce people to the gospel here. Well, I'm tired.

Friday, Aug 13
Zippo-itto lessons! :( I'm trying and praying but feel so useless. I'm definitely up against a spiritual challenge here. BRING IT ON!!!! Good night everyone.

Saturday, Aug 14
One Lesson! 1! YEAH!! Got 1!
It was a member lesson but it's still a lesson. ;)
Still pushing onward. Hurrah for Israel! Good night.

Sunday, Aug 15
Went to church. It's a really young ward. Had dinner at a members home. Tried to visit a few other ward families. One lesson.