Sunday, August 8, 2010

Wk of Zone Conference and Transfer Notification
Monday, August 2
Emailed home, then shopped. didn't buy much because of up coming transfers. I did get a new rain jacket on a really good summer deal at Fred Meyer. Played soccer and frugby for zone activity. (frugby is a mix of football, rugby and ultimate frisbee) Taught a lesson and moved a baptism date to the 21st. Stopped by and visited with a sister in the ward.

Tuesday, Aug 3
ZONE CONFERENCE! Got new phones! Many things maybe changing in the next 6-12 months. I'm excited! =) Majority of lesson was on obeying. Back to the basics. Goal for baptisms at the end of the year for mission is 720. Afterwards we stopped by to see a family but they weren't home so we went to another's home who we've been trying to see and she was home! WHOOO!
Set up a lesson for Thursday at 7pm. Went to mutual, got hit by a water balloon and then got a ride home from zone leaders. YEAH! We didn't have to walk up hill. =)

Wednesday, Aug 4
Did tracting on top of the hill in the morning. No one was home but we did meet an excommunicated member who does not want to come back to church. Tried to talk to everyone we saw. Taught a recent convert family at 1pm, lesson was on faith. Went to Bishops meeting. Tracted some more. Set up another lesson . Good Day! Pizza for dinner =)

Thursday, Aug 5
Today we started off by tracting at our apartment complex. Then we went to contact some less actives who were not went to an older brother's home who is only able to come 1-2 times a month because of health. Shared with him a faith lesson, Hebrews 11. Did service at 4pm for and elderly lady. Tracted some more then taught a lesson we had set up earlier and we're able to answer some concerns. Set up another lesson with a less active. Another good hot day, 90 degrees.

Friday, Aug 6
Good day! Got a new investigator. Taught lesson 3 from preach my gospel to another. Did weekly planning at a hamburger place, Chicaco Willy's. Planned a really good week. That's all the good points of the day.
Realized today that I'm not budgeting this month very well. :-/
Time to cut back :-( Good night.

Saturday, Aug 7
Transfer call day! It started off with me chipping my tooth playing basketball with the zone. It's not that bad but it still hurts. We only taught two lessons one was really home =/
Well I am getting transferred =( I won't get to see the baptism that's coming up but it's not about being there. I helped bring this sister closer to Heavenly Father. Well off to bed. good night everyone. =)

Sunday, Aug 8
Last day I'm in Auburn. =) Well at least the last Sunday. Gave my testimony at church to say goodbye and then we have spent most of the day saying goodbye to members that we've been close to. We taught another lesson to the young lady that's being baptized. Excited that she knows the church is true. Well I have to pack and get to sleep.