Monday, August 2, 2010

August 2 Work Is Slow

well all is well here in auburn =). we are working hard but we are being tried ourselves. the whole mission is really. i guess we are at an all time low for baptisms in our mission =/ but elder jones and i have a girl on date for baptism for the 14th of august!!! transfers happen on the 10th so i dont know if ill see it or not. even if im not there i get to count it because i did all the teaching for it. lol

WOW DERIK IS COMING HOME!!!! thats soooo crazy!!! it seem so far away for me. its not even really. one of our zone leaders is going home on monday this is his last week i cant wait to be going home! well i can, but to be able to look back and see the end product of working for two years will be amazing!!! you know what i mean.

so does the family have a plan? or just go with the flow and pray that the spirit guides? i cant wait to get your guys letters i look forward to them so much!!! tell brittany and lauren to write i like hearing from them too and i think im going to start doing that writing what we do everyday thing and start mailing it home. well i love you. you guys are in my prayers =)