Monday, August 2, 2010

July 26 Just Found Out His Family is in Search of Work

things are going great and transfers are coming up in a couple of weeks. i have mixed feelings about leaving here now. ive come to kinda like this area and i love the people.

i got your guys package and i have loved it!!! i was going to buy some shirts for you guys today but i felt like i should wait and now i know why hahaha =) i hope money isnt too tight. well its super sad to hear about what has happened with dad and dan =( but i know that there must be something more.

it sounds like you guys have had a fun time in texas and its great to hear about justins call! i wish i could have been there =)

we have one girl on date for baptism. she is dating one of the young men in our ward we have her on date for aug 14th so we are hoping that it goes though. she is reading the book of mormon and says she knows its true. i hope this all works out.

i love you dad with all my heart i miss you and mom and brittany and lauren so much. i know that there has to be something better around the corner for us and i hope it all works out.

love your son

Elder sterling woodruff

p.s. where should i send letters to brittany? and when will i hear from lauren again?