Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Grueling Hill in Auburn WA - Pray for Me


im now in auburn, my new companion is elder jones and he is from utah. he is a nice guy.
we live on the biggest hill in the mission and now im on bike which isnt that bad but we do have to ride up the hill a lot. im borrowing a bike from another missionary right now and its a really nice bike so im grateful for that. i pray all day especially when im going up the hill. i try singing a hymn i usually sing "be still my soul" when im going up the hill.
we dont have too many investigators here. we did tract into one lady that i think is going to interested. we go back to her house on Thursday. hmmmmmm there is nothing else really.
i did have to use some money from my BofA account for shopping it was only $8 though im trying to budget my self out. i was really tempted to buy some snacks today but i practiced self-control and said no hahahahahaha.
ive lost a lot of weight here. im not eating a lot and being on bike makes you burn off a lot. im trying to stay happy and find the good everywhere. im reading in the book of mormon im now in alma i think chapter 10 im also outlining preach my gospel so thats good.
please pray for me.

love elder sterling woodruff.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June 22 First Transfer

sorry this email is going to be kinda short. its because transfers and P-Day are both today!!! CRAZY!!! there is so much to get done. i dont have my new companion yet but i will meet him right after im done emailing. its good to hear that all is well at home. i miss you guys a ton and tell lauren not to worry she is getting a letter. i just got her letter on tuesday of last week so i have not been able to write her yet. i really like the picture she drew! i pinned it up on my wall next to my bed. thanks for sending tylers letters and ill start doing the same. ill just send home a letter a week with every day on it. well i have to go. i love you pray for me and my next companion =)
i have seen one of the guys i was in the MTC with. he was the one that gave me the tie. he gave me a big hug and we had lunch together he is still a brother =) i havent seen Elder ikahihifo yet though. everyone says he is a good missionary but he is crazy lol. i did here that the lakers won and i think its awesome that artest finished the game like that. brings back memories of playing on the PS3 huh? ron artest hits the three from outside!!! sterling wins!!! hahahahahahahahaahaha! i miss that so much. i miss you so much. im hoping to be serving some where you did dad. i would love that! how do you like your new grill? is it bigger than the one we had before? well i have to go get my new companion. i love you have a good day =)

June 14, 2010

its great to here that summer has hit bakersfield. its has yet to arrive in seattle. today is probably in the 60s which is nice im not complaining at all =). Dad told me about his ICD implant thats great! how are you feeling about reno now? better? =) im pretty excited about it. tell lauren congrats on the dance recital thats really exciting. i wish i did dance longer than what i did. i plan on taking like ballroom dancing and stuff when i get back to BYU-I. well this last week for me was pretty hard. we had our girl that was set up for baptism drop off and had no one to teach and our one member referral got poisoned while working on his lawn =/. satan is trying his hardest to keep us from teaching which has made it a hard long week but my head is still high and im pushing on =). thanks for mowing the lawn =) im happy i dont have to do that anymore but i have helped a lot of people i guess im still doing a lot of manual labor. please pray for me transfers are coming up and im nervous.
dad! i got a hug from you yesterday =)! it made me tear up a little bit. brother Blythe came up and gave me a hug and said it was from you =). i love you dad.

Love, Elder Sterling Woodruff

June 7, 2010

i love geting emails from you guys i look forward to it every week but a hand written letter is always nice too =). WOW thats crazy about grandma gormley! and its really good she is feeling a lot better. well all is going well here
right now im in mosiah reading about abinadi. its really cool im really getting into the scriptures and theyre becoming alive to me. i almost look at them like a really intense tv show or something so im really enjoying them. my companion is from nephi utah he is a cool guy and we get along well =) i am in a car right now which is nice and we only have one ward, im doing well with the lessons and hmmmm we are in a apartment that is small and really old. the members feed us twice a week and i think im getting bigger from both growing and eating and working out. so yeah =) how is home have you been to reno yet? how is it here?

June 1, 2010

Hey!!!!! yeah yesterday the libary was closed so we get to email today.

well lets see.....this week was good we are still teaching the a guy who is doing better but thats about all im really working on. im starting to miss home but i just try to focus on the work.

hmmmmmmm what else is going on oh yeah ive been growing =/ my gray pants dont fit =/ im not gaining weight though =/. the beehive book store here sells clothes but im going to try to just get by with just my suite pants and stuff.

i still have the same mission president but we get a new one week. a lot of people are nervous and think he is going to be hard =/ so we will see how things go. well im doing ok.

May 24 2010 in Milton WA

im in milton washington!!! and its great here! its a lot like coos bay.
my companion is elder flickinger and we get along great. we were really happy to get each other as comps and have had great success together.
any and all mail or packages =) should be sent to the mission home that way i know ill get them. the adress is 10675 NE. 20th street 98004 bellevue washington.
well i cant wait to here from you all. i miss you guys. the days are already flying for me though. there is not enough time in the day.

May 18, 2010

Hey family!

Well I made it to Seattle okay and I'm now sitting in the President's home. It was nice talking to you today on the phone. I love you all a ton. I passed the Boeing museum dad and it made ,e think of when we went there. That was really a fun time.

All my love,

Elder Sterling Woodruff

May 14, 2010

Well today is my last P-Day in the mtc and i leave on the 18th at 5 A.M.!!! im so excited! well i wrote home not too long ago telling you guys that i got to see Elder Holland speak here at the mtc!!! it was so awesome i was like 5 rows away from him and the spirit was so amazing!!! He shared some stories about his mission and the importance of serving. he also explain that we must obey every rule. he said "this is not burger king! you dont get it your way! its the Lord's way and no other!!! he was pointing to the crowd when he said that and he pointed right at me! scary!!! he also said if we leave the church after serving a mission he would punch us in the nose! it was an intense meeting but i loved every minute of it!!! i hope all is well at home and i want to say thanks to everyone one for writing and sending packages they are always a major boost in my days keep them coming but just send them to Seattle =) i love hearing about home but im not missing home. i love you all so much! i love you all and thanks for the support xoxoxox

May 13, 2010

Hey Mom and Dad!

Well today I got to listen to a prophet. Well it was an apostle but that qualifies as a prophet right? We had Elder Holland come speak to us and it was amazing!

I was 5 rows away from where he was speaking. He talked about missions. I wish I could tell you how amazing the spirit was there.

ummm, I dound out something kinda disappointing though...he drives a buick :-(
Gross. Well he doesn't drive but that's what he rides in, a blacked out buick.

I got the cookies you sent. They were really good, but please no more food. :-)
We have enough to last till next week. We leave at 5 AM on the 18th. I love you all so much. I'm glad to hear all is well. I love you.

Elder Sterling Woodruff

May 7, 2010

well all is well here in the mtc i dont know if you have gotten any of my letters at home. im sorry i cant call home for mothers day but i guess i get to call home in the airport so you will here from me then. tell mom how much i love here and give her a big hug for mothers day. i miss home but im not home sick at all. hey i dont know if you got the letter saying im DL! its really cool but stressful at sometimes i pray for you guys every night i hope everything is going smoothly. oh i got my shots it cost $109 im sending the bill home here soon =). well im killing at basketball here and want you to know your going down!!!!!
well i have to go tell mom i love her and thank you all for the packadges i love them and we are almost done with the chips and dip =) thanks dad and mom and lauren and ..................................................brittany too i guess lol send this email to them and mom i love you =) ill email you next friday =)

love elder sterling woodruff =)

May 5, 2010

I just got your note and package from and it's great! I'm sorry I haven't written home yet. I've been really busy. I'm district leader. :-)

I'm looking forward to doughnuts tomorrow, any food helps...a lot!

I have some bad news. I won't be calling home on Mother's Day :-( There are just too many missionaries here at the MTC.

I've seen Mickey and Erik here in the MTC, Oh, and Josh Ellis. Josh is going to Anaheim CA and speaking mandarin.

All is well here. I just spilt water on my bed and it seems it's going to be a wet night. Tell everyone I'm good and that I love them all. Please write more.

PS Dad, I'm killing in basketball.