Monday, July 11, 2011

HAPPY 5th of JULY!!!!!

All is well in Tonga! This past week was our most successful week yet! We are slowly break down the barriers in the ward and we now have the bishop on the same page as us and he is now helping. That was a huge accomplishment. Now we have built a good friendship there that is helping the rest of the ward open to us.

The fourth of July was a lot of fun we went to a ward BBQ where we enjoyed music that we couldn't understand and food like green banana yummm! hahaha It was fun though =) We ended up playing rugby and getting a nice tan =) Then later in the day, we took our bikes to the BMX track with some other missionaries and finished our 4th there riding and jumping our bikes. It was a blast and a great holiday! I did crash pretty bad on our last run when I came up short on the jump and then ate it pretty bad. My legs are all banged up and so is my left arm and my left hand but all will be okay. Elder Leavitt came over and helped play doctor and picked the rocks and dirt out of my body with some tweezers and Q-Tips. I'll send some picture next week =)

It's good to hear that the Texas trip was a lot of fun please tell grandma i love her and miss her. It's still crazy to think that I'll be home next July and will be able to spend it at home with family =) I cant wait!

money- I think I'll be fine on money the ward feeds us a lot. and if they don't feed us they give us money. So I now have $50 total and I want to see if I can live off of it this month. I think the last thing I bought was new dress shoes because the ones I bought at Christmas were badly damaged while shooting hoops with the youth so Ross Dress for Less helped me find a new pair for I think $38. The only other think I need is a new pair of pants some day soon either this month or next month. Also are you guys sending me dress shirts? If so I need long sleeved shirts probably 5 of them size.....I think 15 1/2, 34-35. Well, I love and miss you guys so much have a great week =)


Elder Sterling Woodruff