Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tuesday September 28
This morning is a lesson with our only investigator. His name is Luke and he's 19, dating a a girl in the ward. After the lesson we went tracting. We mowed Allie's yard and she cuts our hair and fed us fried chicken. It was much appreciated. We then went to the Howards. Brother Howard is a professional drummer so he played for us inside his studio. It was really cool! We ate dinner at a members home.

Wednesday September 29
We met with Luke again today and will meet with him again tomorrow. We had a district meeting and went on half day exchanges. I went with Elder Leffler who is a great elder! We went tracting and then off to a lesson with the Hoffmans. Brother Hoffman is a really neat guy. He knows a lot about the church and scriptures. I always get taught by him instead of me teaching him. I like him al ot. Something he said was a new thought for me. Instead of praying and asking for something, pray and give thanks for what you desire and don't have yet.

Thursday September 30
Well I'm famous! and so is my companion. We made it into the local newspaper working at the wards food drive. So fun!
Met with Luke and talked about temples and watched a video on temples.
No mail this week. :-( Kind of sad.
Maybe tomorrow :-).

Monday, September 27, 2010

Tuesday September 21
So today was P-day and probrably the most relaxing one I've had. I was able to do my shopping and then kicked back and relaxed. P-day is normally the busiest day but it wasn't today.

Wednesday September 22
Zone meeting. Long day......

Thursday September 23
So, today was ward correlation. That's when we meet with the ward mission leader and today we were brainstorming with all the ward missionaries on how to serve the people better and expand our missionary work. I had been thinking about this a lot because we've been getting nowhere with what we've been doing.
I put out the idea of tracting in service clothes and offering service to people on Saturdays. My companion doesn't like physical labor so he shot it down. Brother Shaw sent an email to our Mission President while sitting there and asked for approval. President Larkin emailed right back and gave it an okay! I sure hope it's a good idea.

Friday September 24
A really good day. We lined up some service for tomorrow, at 12 we are unloading hay into a barn and then at 4 we are cleaning up a single sisters yard with the Ward Mission Leader..

Saturday September 25
Great Day!!! So we went and filled the barn with hay, which I found I'm allergic to hay on my arms. Then I put together a shelf unit for a sister who needed help. We helped Brother Marques with post hole digging to fix a fence and sanded his trailer, cut off some old rusted bolts and at least got the job started for him. It sure makes me think of working with dad on projects. It was a great day!
We did 8 hours of non-stop service.

Sunday September 26
Fast Sunday. I've come to love fasting. This companionship has really been a growing experience for me. I think the Lord wants to see if I can do it.

Monday September 27
Played frugbee with the zone. Elder Smith broke his hand, he's the zone leader. He was falling and put down his hand to catch himself and I guess he popped some bone.

Monday, September 20, 2010

September 13, Monday
P-DAY! No zone activity because our zone leaders took their culture day. Culture Day - a one day thing, you get to go visit the sites of Washington. I haven't taken my culture day yet. So today we played football as a district. My team got killed but it's a;; good because it was fun.
I do have to say that my companion rigged the whole game. He made himself a team captain and then he made me a team captain. He then picked his whole team and left me with every guy that has never played football. LOL We had a ton of fun and we scored a couple of touch downs. :-) Goodnight!

September 14, 2010 Tuesday
On exchanges on Mercer Island. I'm with Elder Dennison until 2pm tomorrow. We get along really well and I enjoy working on Mercer. Lots of Maserati and ferries out here.

September 15, 2010 Wednesday
Midweek! Woohoo! I only spent about 5 hours with my companion, Elder Endicott. I'm now on another exchange with Elder Price, staying in my own area. I really like exchanges. They're a nice change from the stresses of my companion.Worked hard and I'm tired.

September 16, 2010 Thursday
On another exchange with Elder Price. I learned a lot from him while tracting. I'm praying for transfers. I taught three lessons today. I'm doing my push ups and sit ups every morning and night.

September 17, 2010 Friday
I got your letter and was really excited! It sounds like the family had a fun trip to Oregon. I love letters!

Saturday 18, 2010
Taught five lessons and got two new investigators! It was such a good day. Two corn dogs for comfort food. lol

Sunday 19, 2010
Neither I nor my companion are being transferred. I just wanted to cry. This has been a difficult time but there must be something for me still to learn.

Monday September 20, 2010
It's 2 pm and we just got back from a General Authority devotional, Elder Kakoochi, from the Quorum of the 70. He came and talked about baptizing more and believing more in the power of God. He also taught us how to teach better.
I got my warm clothes and blankets from you. Thank you. I've been cold.
All my love.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Quilt Made It Just In Time

Monday September 13, 2010

Thank you for sending my blanket. It's getting really cold here.

If you could send me another sweatshirt and those winter leggings you bought me for the last winter camp out. I'm cold!

So we're teaching two people. One is a 19 year old guy who is investigating because of a girl. Which isn't bad but you can tell he's not fully into the whole thing. He is still progressing. Another man we're teaching is from a part member family. It really makes me think of how we have to put the Lord first and what we want second. If the gospel is true it's true and everything else in the world comes after the Savior and what he has asked us to do.

Friday, September 3, 2010


September 2010

Elder Woodruff with companions in the Distribution Center.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September 1, 2010 Not Too Bad of A Day

I sent off a couple of letters this morning. Hmmm. District meeting was today so we didn't tract very long. In the afternoon, Elder Endicott needed to take another Elder to the doctor so Elder Martin and I were companions. We played a game left in the apartment during break and had a good time. After break we started out to go tracting and saw a sister in the ward mowing her lawn. So we mowed her lawn for her and put out some mulch for her. Soon my companion joined us and lended a hand with all the mulch. It was a good service for a sister who needed the help. Love to serve others!

Beat Elder Endicott at Mancala three times tonight. Than you Lauren for whoeing me how to be good at that game. :-)

Friday September 3, 2010

Again, not so bad of a day. I got a couple of letters in the mail. Love those! One was from the Phillips Family and one from Brittany. Letters really help me along so thank you very much!

We are going on exchanges tonight. I will be with Elder Twingstom who is a really good missionary and I really enjoy him at P-Day activities. Well, I'm off to bed. Thank you for your love and prayers.

Saturday September 4, 2010

The exchange was great! I loved ever minute of it. We didn't teach any lessons so we did tracting most of the day. Tracting takes a long time and gets really old, really fast so we started joking and stuff between doors.

Sunday September 5, 2010

Today was not a good day. Struggling with my companion. I nad to sing hymns and fun songs to make it through the day. I don't understand individuals who rejoice in being "not nice". Anyway, you'd be proud of me mom. I kept my cool.

Tuesday September 7, 2010

Had exchanges on Mercer Island. Love the exchanges!

Wednesday September 8, 2010

Still no sighting of bears. There are lots of detroyed garbage cans though. I heard a little dog got out and was eaten by a bear. Poor little dog. :-( I wish I could have been there to save the little guy. It could have been my chance to fight a bear! LOL

Friday September 10, 2010

Great Day! Exchanges are always great! We worked hard all day. Didn't teach any lessons which was tough but did do service. We helped a brother on his property do some work. He had a wire fence that had grown into some trees, so we chopped it out. Know there is a gospel lessons in the wire in the trees, I'll have to expound on it later.

Saturday September 11, 2010

National Day of Service so we did service. We helped with the ward food drive until around 1:30 and then tracted after.We taught one lesson with a less active family. They gave us dinner. I really miss your cooking mom. You are a good cook. I love you all. Good night. :-)

Sunday September 12

I Got your package!

I love it! The zone leaders brought it to church with them. I'm writing with one of my new pens. Thank you for the little airplanes and silly putty. I also like the Elder Woodruff action figure. I loved it all!! The music is great too! I can't wait to listen to it all. My CD player is acting up. I'm looking for another one but I'm having diffculty finding one.

Thank you a million times! Transfers are coming up next week. Pray for me to have a change...if it's the Lord's will.