Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tuesday September 28
This morning is a lesson with our only investigator. His name is Luke and he's 19, dating a a girl in the ward. After the lesson we went tracting. We mowed Allie's yard and she cuts our hair and fed us fried chicken. It was much appreciated. We then went to the Howards. Brother Howard is a professional drummer so he played for us inside his studio. It was really cool! We ate dinner at a members home.

Wednesday September 29
We met with Luke again today and will meet with him again tomorrow. We had a district meeting and went on half day exchanges. I went with Elder Leffler who is a great elder! We went tracting and then off to a lesson with the Hoffmans. Brother Hoffman is a really neat guy. He knows a lot about the church and scriptures. I always get taught by him instead of me teaching him. I like him al ot. Something he said was a new thought for me. Instead of praying and asking for something, pray and give thanks for what you desire and don't have yet.

Thursday September 30
Well I'm famous! and so is my companion. We made it into the local newspaper working at the wards food drive. So fun!
Met with Luke and talked about temples and watched a video on temples.
No mail this week. :-( Kind of sad.
Maybe tomorrow :-).