Monday, September 27, 2010

Tuesday September 21
So today was P-day and probrably the most relaxing one I've had. I was able to do my shopping and then kicked back and relaxed. P-day is normally the busiest day but it wasn't today.

Wednesday September 22
Zone meeting. Long day......

Thursday September 23
So, today was ward correlation. That's when we meet with the ward mission leader and today we were brainstorming with all the ward missionaries on how to serve the people better and expand our missionary work. I had been thinking about this a lot because we've been getting nowhere with what we've been doing.
I put out the idea of tracting in service clothes and offering service to people on Saturdays. My companion doesn't like physical labor so he shot it down. Brother Shaw sent an email to our Mission President while sitting there and asked for approval. President Larkin emailed right back and gave it an okay! I sure hope it's a good idea.

Friday September 24
A really good day. We lined up some service for tomorrow, at 12 we are unloading hay into a barn and then at 4 we are cleaning up a single sisters yard with the Ward Mission Leader..

Saturday September 25
Great Day!!! So we went and filled the barn with hay, which I found I'm allergic to hay on my arms. Then I put together a shelf unit for a sister who needed help. We helped Brother Marques with post hole digging to fix a fence and sanded his trailer, cut off some old rusted bolts and at least got the job started for him. It sure makes me think of working with dad on projects. It was a great day!
We did 8 hours of non-stop service.

Sunday September 26
Fast Sunday. I've come to love fasting. This companionship has really been a growing experience for me. I think the Lord wants to see if I can do it.

Monday September 27
Played frugbee with the zone. Elder Smith broke his hand, he's the zone leader. He was falling and put down his hand to catch himself and I guess he popped some bone.