Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Temple and Exchanges - Great Days!
Monday 8/23
P-day! Had a fun day playing frugbee which may be banned here soon, too many missionaries have been hurt I guess. :-/ We went shopping and bought some corn dogs for the next week. That's about it. Oh, and one lesson! Good night.
Tuesday 8/24
Great day! All the district leaders and zone leaders have leadership training, so I get to go on exchanges. I love exchanges. Today we got two lessons! While tracting we found two potential investigators on a street that is listed in our records as a really tough street. Great! :-)
Wednesday 8/25
Leadership training is still happening so I'm in another area today. No new lessons but we did teach three lessons in their area with investigators they already had.

Thursday 8/26
Another day in a different area. I normally dislike going on exchanges but I've really enjoyed these. I'm still learning patience. Still pushing forward.

Friday 8/27
Two exchanges in one day! It's the last day of leadership training. I spent the majority of the day in Elder Simons area. Then we went and picked up our companions. We had a 24 hour exchange with two other elders. I stayed in my area and Elder Endicott went to Mercer Island.
Great day of work!

Saturday 8/28
Today's exchanges were a blast! I love Elder Denison! He is a really cool, nice guy and we got along really well.

Sunday 8/29
Today was a really fun day at church. I did fall asleep in sacrament which was well needed but not the best timing. We got to teach Sharing Time in Primary! What a blast! Elder Endicott didn't relate well with the kids so it was my moment to shine. I taught the restoration and how they can invite their friends to church, scouts and activity day. Then they let the kids ask us any questions they wanted about missionary work. They had a lot of good questions. And then there were some like, "Have you ever used a porta potty while tracting?" It was a ton of fun and I loved every minute of it!

We also had a dinner appointment at a members home where I was able to teach more! Greatest joy! I'm happy!

Monday 8/30
Today is normally P-day but instead it's going to be Tuesday. We get to go to the temple!

Nothing really happened today and I'm super tired so I'm just going to head to bed. We did have one lesson with the Sundwalls who know Uncle Dan and Aunt Marie. Well, that's all folks. I'm off to bed.

Tuesday 8/31
Today was a long and exciting day! Tell you tomorrow. Good night.

Wednesday 9/1
It's September! well it is almost 9 am and I'm trying to write this letter before I have to start getting ready.

Yesterday was fantastic! We got to go to the temple! I have wanted to go to the temple so badly and being able to was great! I really miss the Los Angeles Temple though. The Seattle Temple is nice but the LA temple is kinda "my" temple. I really like how the LA temple is so beautiful inside. I also miss going there with you dad and Tito's Tacos afterwards. :-)

Right: Los Angeles California Temple

Left: Seattle Washington Temple

I feel bad I wasn't able to write dad a longer email yesterday. I was trying to respond to Lauren's email and read our mission news letter and write my mission president an email and write back to your emails. It was just all really stressful!

I really miss my family and wish I had spent more time at home and doing things as a family. I'm so sorry that I put other things as a priority.

The leaves are beginning to change colors here and the rain has arrived. It's going to be a cold day today. I think it's suppose to be in the high 50's, low 60's. We have our heater on today too. Which reminds me...can you send up the blanket and stuff I left behind? It's really getting cold at night.

Love and miss you guys so much. I know the Lord has something great for us around the corner. Have a good week everyone.

P.S. stamps are running low :-)

Love, Elder Sterling Woodruff

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Challenging Week

Monday 8/16
P-day! Played basketball, went shopping and took a needed nap. Taught one lesson!

Tuesday 8/17
Good day! We set out with a new goal in mind and got two lessons! Helped someone move.
I think I'm growing...my ankles and legs hurt really bad at night.

Wednesday 8/18
Today we taught three lessons and one new investigator. Patience...patience is a virtue.

Thursday 8/19
Taught one lesson today! YEAH!!

Friday 8/20
Found a new investigator today and I can't wait for exchanges. Sooo happy!

Saturday 8/21
On exchanges today.

Sunday 8/22
Spoke today at church. Super nervous! I guess it was good or everyone was just being nice.
Struggling with an argumentative companion. Sorry for all the dumb arguments I ever had with anyone over very unimportant things. My eyes have really been opened to the "argumentative spirit". Not a good thing on a mission. It takes too much time away from the work.

Being spiritually challenged is much harder than being physically challenged. I've really been pushed this week. I love the work! When you see the gospel moving in someones life it is so exciting!

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Tuesday, Aug 10
Well, I'm in my new area! =) I'm in a car again. :) Snoqualmie is in the southern area of Bellevue. It's a pretty small town that is full of new developments. It's all been tracted many many times. My new companion is Elder Endicott. He's from Maryland. He's a really nice guy and I think we will get along.

I got you guys package today =) I loved it all! Lauren's scroll is hanging on the wall and so is Brittany's Mickey :) Thank you for the gliders and the Target cards. The gliders were a great ice breaker for me and my companion. Oh, and thanks for the picture of Christ, Lauren. I'm off to bed.

Wednesday, Aug 11
First full day in the new area! Boy oh boy it's going to be a hard area. Very much an upper class area, the people are not interested and the majority already know us. I guess there hasn't been a baptism in the area in two years. The members are young families. We only taught two lessons yesterday. Last week they only taught three lessons for the whole week! I'm just trying to show how hard the area is. I can do it though :)! Bring it on!
I still love my pictures and letters. They are hanging on my wall. Off to bed.

Thursday, Aug 12
Now that I'm not on a bike I'm working out more but the work is still slow. Zero lessons today. It was a long hot day. We are still trying to find different ways to introduce people to the gospel here. Well, I'm tired.

Friday, Aug 13
Zippo-itto lessons! :( I'm trying and praying but feel so useless. I'm definitely up against a spiritual challenge here. BRING IT ON!!!! Good night everyone.

Saturday, Aug 14
One Lesson! 1! YEAH!! Got 1!
It was a member lesson but it's still a lesson. ;)
Still pushing onward. Hurrah for Israel! Good night.

Sunday, Aug 15
Went to church. It's a really young ward. Had dinner at a members home. Tried to visit a few other ward families. One lesson.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tranfers - Where am I going?

its great to see that you had the missionaries over!!! i love going to members homes and teaching them, it really does make our job a lot easier if you have someone to refer them to so keep your eyes open and pray for the chance to share the gospel and be able to have the missionaries sent to their home =)!!!

well this week has been crazy! I'm being transferred to a new area!!! =(
i don't know where to yet or who my companion is sooooooo yeah makes me really nervous =/. i don't know if i need a bike yet because i dont know where i'm being moved to. i may be able to barrow a bike again.

im excited and nervous and sad all at the same time. im sad because the girl we put on date for baptism and have been teaching i won't be there for when she is baptised =( i still get to count it as my baptism but i wont be there =( im also sad because i've come to like it here. its been a hard area for me and i've struggled physically and spiritually and i've learned so much and now i have to leave =(. im nervous for the new area. you know how i do with change =) gaaaaaaaaaaaah im so anxious!!!

i'll be so happy to get letters!!! =) i'll start writing home more too =) i mailed a letter home yesterday so you should be getting it soon =) i love you guys so much =) i miss you all. im going to need brittanys new address so i can still write her. i hope all is well at home. hey do you think i could get a pair of sanuks like dads? there is an elder out here with some and i guess they are approved =) sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! if you cant its ok too =). i look forward to getting your package i love packages and goodies =)


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Wk of Zone Conference and Transfer Notification
Monday, August 2
Emailed home, then shopped. didn't buy much because of up coming transfers. I did get a new rain jacket on a really good summer deal at Fred Meyer. Played soccer and frugby for zone activity. (frugby is a mix of football, rugby and ultimate frisbee) Taught a lesson and moved a baptism date to the 21st. Stopped by and visited with a sister in the ward.

Tuesday, Aug 3
ZONE CONFERENCE! Got new phones! Many things maybe changing in the next 6-12 months. I'm excited! =) Majority of lesson was on obeying. Back to the basics. Goal for baptisms at the end of the year for mission is 720. Afterwards we stopped by to see a family but they weren't home so we went to another's home who we've been trying to see and she was home! WHOOO!
Set up a lesson for Thursday at 7pm. Went to mutual, got hit by a water balloon and then got a ride home from zone leaders. YEAH! We didn't have to walk up hill. =)

Wednesday, Aug 4
Did tracting on top of the hill in the morning. No one was home but we did meet an excommunicated member who does not want to come back to church. Tried to talk to everyone we saw. Taught a recent convert family at 1pm, lesson was on faith. Went to Bishops meeting. Tracted some more. Set up another lesson . Good Day! Pizza for dinner =)

Thursday, Aug 5
Today we started off by tracting at our apartment complex. Then we went to contact some less actives who were not home...so went to an older brother's home who is only able to come 1-2 times a month because of health. Shared with him a faith lesson, Hebrews 11. Did service at 4pm for and elderly lady. Tracted some more then taught a lesson we had set up earlier and we're able to answer some concerns. Set up another lesson with a less active. Another good hot day, 90 degrees.

Friday, Aug 6
Good day! Got a new investigator. Taught lesson 3 from preach my gospel to another. Did weekly planning at a hamburger place, Chicaco Willy's. Planned a really good week. That's all the good points of the day.
Realized today that I'm not budgeting this month very well. :-/
Time to cut back :-( Good night.

Saturday, Aug 7
Transfer call day! It started off with me chipping my tooth playing basketball with the zone. It's not that bad but it still hurts. We only taught two lessons today...no one was really home =/
Well I am getting transferred =( I won't get to see the baptism that's coming up but it's not about being there. I helped bring this sister closer to Heavenly Father. Well off to bed. good night everyone. =)

Sunday, Aug 8
Last day I'm in Auburn. =) Well at least the last Sunday. Gave my testimony at church to say goodbye and then we have spent most of the day saying goodbye to members that we've been close to. We taught another lesson to the young lady that's being baptized. Excited that she knows the church is true. Well I have to pack and get to sleep.

Monday, August 2, 2010

New Mission President- Pres. and Sis Larkin

July 28, 2010

Dear Parents of Elder Woodruff,

My wife and I arrived a few weeks ago to preside over the Washington Seattle Mission. Our names are Todd and Laura Larkin and we came to the mission from our home in Las Vegas, Nevada. We have a ten year old daughter named Allie and a thirteen year old son Levi with us in the mission field, and a son named Jordan who turns eighteen next week and is currently in the Missionary Training Center preparing to go to Nagoya, Japan on his mission. We dropped Jordan off at the MTC on June 30th and then reported to the Washington Seattle Mission about noon on July 1st. We anticipated a very joyous moment as our son marched into the MTC to serve a long awaited mission, but we sure found out that along with the joy it was also about the hardest thing that we have ever done. We quickly found out how difficult it is not to be able to contact him regularly and check up on how he is doing.

After our experience with our own son, we could not let another day go by without sending you a note to let you know how your son is doing here in the Washington Seattle Mission. We have met with every missionary in the mission at least twice and Sister Larkin and I have each had personal interviews with every missionary. Sister Larkin has discussed personal health issues in detail and has insured that each missionary is taking proper care of their physical, mental, and emotional health. She has also learned everything about your family and has done her best to make sure that each missionary writes home regularly.

I also had a twenty to thirty minute interview with your son, Elder Woodruff and want you to know how impressed I am with his testimony and commitment to our Savior. You should be very proud of the incredible missionary that you have raised and sent here to preach the Gospel. You son has truly been an instrument in the hands of God in bringing many people to a knowledge of the truth.

We are sending a picture taken the day we had our interviews. Thank you so much for all the training you have provided in your home and for raising such a valiant child of our Father in Heaven. We know that we can never be a substitute for your affection, but we promise that we will keep our arms of love wrapped tightly around your precious child until the day that you are reunited together again.

With Warmest Regards,

President and Sister Larkin

August 2 Work Is Slow

well all is well here in auburn =). we are working hard but we are being tried ourselves. the whole mission is really. i guess we are at an all time low for baptisms in our mission =/ but elder jones and i have a girl on date for baptism for the 14th of august!!! transfers happen on the 10th so i dont know if ill see it or not. even if im not there i get to count it because i did all the teaching for it. lol

WOW DERIK IS COMING HOME!!!! thats soooo crazy!!! it seem so far away for me. its not even really. one of our zone leaders is going home on monday this is his last week i cant wait to be going home! well i can, but to be able to look back and see the end product of working for two years will be amazing!!! you know what i mean.

so does the family have a plan? or just go with the flow and pray that the spirit guides? i cant wait to get your guys letters i look forward to them so much!!! tell brittany and lauren to write i like hearing from them too and i think im going to start doing that writing what we do everyday thing and start mailing it home. well i love you. you guys are in my prayers =)

July 26 Just Found Out His Family is in Search of Work

things are going great and transfers are coming up in a couple of weeks. i have mixed feelings about leaving here now. ive come to kinda like this area and i love the people.

i got your guys package and i have loved it!!! i was going to buy some shirts for you guys today but i felt like i should wait and now i know why hahaha =) i hope money isnt too tight. well its super sad to hear about what has happened with dad and dan =( but i know that there must be something more.

it sounds like you guys have had a fun time in texas and its great to hear about justins call! i wish i could have been there =)

we have one girl on date for baptism. she is dating one of the young men in our ward we have her on date for aug 14th so we are hoping that it goes though. she is reading the book of mormon and says she knows its true. i hope this all works out.

i love you dad with all my heart i miss you and mom and brittany and lauren so much. i know that there has to be something better around the corner for us and i hope it all works out.

love your son

Elder sterling woodruff

p.s. where should i send letters to brittany? and when will i hear from lauren again?

July 19 Running Late - Been Sick

So how are things? im doing well we are running late today so i cant type too much.

we have had a long week. me and my companion have been really sick and had to stay in a day this week. we are getting better now but my head is still conjested. i wish i could have been there for the reunion and grandmas 50th year thing that would have been really cool.

the lady that has the cancer is in the hospital and we havent been able to see her. we still dont have many people to teach so we do tract a lot and we get a lot of people simular to tyler's experience hahahaha except its only 69 degrees here hahahaha =)

the church is true and i love this gospel.

elder sterling woodruff ( your favorite son =) )

July 12 Speeding Down A Hill

well i have had an answer to prayers and i dont have to buy a bike i got another bike that is really nice that another missionary let me borrow. i did need some socks today so i bought some at fredmeyers with my home account. my KB socks all have holes in them from playing soccer and basketball in them.

well this week was still pretty long but a good week. we have an older lady in the ward that has us come ove about two to three times a week. she is dying and the spirit is always really strong there. its sad watching her be in pain but she says she always looks forward to us coming. she is such a nice lady and loves the church.
we are not teaching anyone right now so we are doing a lot of tracting. we have a lot of interesting people answer the door =/ some are clothed and some arent hahaha and and the ones that are not are discusting!!!! hahaha! not to mention they are normally guys too =/ blah!!! throw up in your mouth gross!!!! so the work is going forward here but it is slow.

oh! i did ride my bike down this massive hill and got a max speed of 38 mph or at least thats what the little speed thing on my bike said, so that was pretty cool.

i havent got the package yet but im really looking forward to it. its been a while since i got one =) i love you i hope all is well tell me how home is =)

the lord is blessing us both greatly and he is also trying our faith. i love the work. i am loving the people. i love the lord and the church. i hope all is well have a good week =)

love elder sterling woodruff

July 5, 2010

Hey mom =)
well things are getting a lot better here =) i thank you for all your prayers i still need them but things are better. i can now ride up the hill with out so many problems (can you say six pack?) the lord has really blessed me here and ive been humbled very quickly. ive never prayed so much in my life. how is texas? i hope things are going well. we are teaching a lady right now. we tracted into her. i think she may get baptised. she came to church yesterday and had a great experience. elder jones (my companion) says he thinks i was sent here for her. i hope she gets baptised before the end of this transfer so i can leave this area hahahahahaha!
oh yeah i got the shirts =) they fit perfectly and they help a lot. i also have to buy a bike now =( the elder i was barrowing the bike from needs it back. dad says i have money in my account to buy one with. well times almost up i hope you have a safe drive =) i love you mom have a good day =) and tell lauren i love her too =) and that im waiting for a letter back!!! thanks for everything =) say hi to the family for me =) (xoxoxo) thats for grandma =) bye mom =)