Sunday, August 22, 2010

Challenging Week

Monday 8/16
P-day! Played basketball, went shopping and took a needed nap. Taught one lesson!

Tuesday 8/17
Good day! We set out with a new goal in mind and got two lessons! Helped someone move.
I think I'm ankles and legs hurt really bad at night.

Wednesday 8/18
Today we taught three lessons and one new investigator. Patience...patience is a virtue.

Thursday 8/19
Taught one lesson today! YEAH!!

Friday 8/20
Found a new investigator today and I can't wait for exchanges. Sooo happy!

Saturday 8/21
On exchanges today.

Sunday 8/22
Spoke today at church. Super nervous! I guess it was good or everyone was just being nice.
Struggling with an argumentative companion. Sorry for all the dumb arguments I ever had with anyone over very unimportant things. My eyes have really been opened to the "argumentative spirit". Not a good thing on a mission. It takes too much time away from the work.

Being spiritually challenged is much harder than being physically challenged. I've really been pushed this week. I love the work! When you see the gospel moving in someones life it is so exciting!