Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tranfers - Where am I going?

its great to see that you had the missionaries over!!! i love going to members homes and teaching them, it really does make our job a lot easier if you have someone to refer them to so keep your eyes open and pray for the chance to share the gospel and be able to have the missionaries sent to their home =)!!!

well this week has been crazy! I'm being transferred to a new area!!! =(
i don't know where to yet or who my companion is sooooooo yeah makes me really nervous =/. i don't know if i need a bike yet because i dont know where i'm being moved to. i may be able to barrow a bike again.

im excited and nervous and sad all at the same time. im sad because the girl we put on date for baptism and have been teaching i won't be there for when she is baptised =( i still get to count it as my baptism but i wont be there =( im also sad because i've come to like it here. its been a hard area for me and i've struggled physically and spiritually and i've learned so much and now i have to leave =(. im nervous for the new area. you know how i do with change =) gaaaaaaaaaaaah im so anxious!!!

i'll be so happy to get letters!!! =) i'll start writing home more too =) i mailed a letter home yesterday so you should be getting it soon =) i love you guys so much =) i miss you all. im going to need brittanys new address so i can still write her. i hope all is well at home. hey do you think i could get a pair of sanuks like dads? there is an elder out here with some and i guess they are approved =) sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! if you cant its ok too =). i look forward to getting your package i love packages and goodies =)