Monday, August 2, 2010

July 12 Speeding Down A Hill

well i have had an answer to prayers and i dont have to buy a bike i got another bike that is really nice that another missionary let me borrow. i did need some socks today so i bought some at fredmeyers with my home account. my KB socks all have holes in them from playing soccer and basketball in them.

well this week was still pretty long but a good week. we have an older lady in the ward that has us come ove about two to three times a week. she is dying and the spirit is always really strong there. its sad watching her be in pain but she says she always looks forward to us coming. she is such a nice lady and loves the church.
we are not teaching anyone right now so we are doing a lot of tracting. we have a lot of interesting people answer the door =/ some are clothed and some arent hahaha and and the ones that are not are discusting!!!! hahaha! not to mention they are normally guys too =/ blah!!! throw up in your mouth gross!!!! so the work is going forward here but it is slow.

oh! i did ride my bike down this massive hill and got a max speed of 38 mph or at least thats what the little speed thing on my bike said, so that was pretty cool.

i havent got the package yet but im really looking forward to it. its been a while since i got one =) i love you i hope all is well tell me how home is =)

the lord is blessing us both greatly and he is also trying our faith. i love the work. i am loving the people. i love the lord and the church. i hope all is well have a good week =)

love elder sterling woodruff