Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Temple and Exchanges - Great Days!
Monday 8/23
P-day! Had a fun day playing frugbee which may be banned here soon, too many missionaries have been hurt I guess. :-/ We went shopping and bought some corn dogs for the next week. That's about it. Oh, and one lesson! Good night.
Tuesday 8/24
Great day! All the district leaders and zone leaders have leadership training, so I get to go on exchanges. I love exchanges. Today we got two lessons! While tracting we found two potential investigators on a street that is listed in our records as a really tough street. Great! :-)
Wednesday 8/25
Leadership training is still happening so I'm in another area today. No new lessons but we did teach three lessons in their area with investigators they already had.

Thursday 8/26
Another day in a different area. I normally dislike going on exchanges but I've really enjoyed these. I'm still learning patience. Still pushing forward.

Friday 8/27
Two exchanges in one day! It's the last day of leadership training. I spent the majority of the day in Elder Simons area. Then we went and picked up our companions. We had a 24 hour exchange with two other elders. I stayed in my area and Elder Endicott went to Mercer Island.
Great day of work!

Saturday 8/28
Today's exchanges were a blast! I love Elder Denison! He is a really cool, nice guy and we got along really well.

Sunday 8/29
Today was a really fun day at church. I did fall asleep in sacrament which was well needed but not the best timing. We got to teach Sharing Time in Primary! What a blast! Elder Endicott didn't relate well with the kids so it was my moment to shine. I taught the restoration and how they can invite their friends to church, scouts and activity day. Then they let the kids ask us any questions they wanted about missionary work. They had a lot of good questions. And then there were some like, "Have you ever used a porta potty while tracting?" It was a ton of fun and I loved every minute of it!

We also had a dinner appointment at a members home where I was able to teach more! Greatest joy! I'm happy!

Monday 8/30
Today is normally P-day but instead it's going to be Tuesday. We get to go to the temple!

Nothing really happened today and I'm super tired so I'm just going to head to bed. We did have one lesson with the Sundwalls who know Uncle Dan and Aunt Marie. Well, that's all folks. I'm off to bed.

Tuesday 8/31
Today was a long and exciting day! Tell you tomorrow. Good night.

Wednesday 9/1
It's September! well it is almost 9 am and I'm trying to write this letter before I have to start getting ready.

Yesterday was fantastic! We got to go to the temple! I have wanted to go to the temple so badly and being able to was great! I really miss the Los Angeles Temple though. The Seattle Temple is nice but the LA temple is kinda "my" temple. I really like how the LA temple is so beautiful inside. I also miss going there with you dad and Tito's Tacos afterwards. :-)

Right: Los Angeles California Temple

Left: Seattle Washington Temple

I feel bad I wasn't able to write dad a longer email yesterday. I was trying to respond to Lauren's email and read our mission news letter and write my mission president an email and write back to your emails. It was just all really stressful!

I really miss my family and wish I had spent more time at home and doing things as a family. I'm so sorry that I put other things as a priority.

The leaves are beginning to change colors here and the rain has arrived. It's going to be a cold day today. I think it's suppose to be in the high 50's, low 60's. We have our heater on today too. Which reminds me...can you send up the blanket and stuff I left behind? It's really getting cold at night.

Love and miss you guys so much. I know the Lord has something great for us around the corner. Have a good week everyone.

P.S. stamps are running low :-)

Love, Elder Sterling Woodruff