Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Grueling Hill in Auburn WA - Pray for Me


im now in auburn, my new companion is elder jones and he is from utah. he is a nice guy.
we live on the biggest hill in the mission and now im on bike which isnt that bad but we do have to ride up the hill a lot. im borrowing a bike from another missionary right now and its a really nice bike so im grateful for that. i pray all day especially when im going up the hill. i try singing a hymn i usually sing "be still my soul" when im going up the hill.
we dont have too many investigators here. we did tract into one lady that i think is going to interested. we go back to her house on Thursday. hmmmmmm there is nothing else really.
i did have to use some money from my BofA account for shopping it was only $8 though im trying to budget my self out. i was really tempted to buy some snacks today but i practiced self-control and said no hahahahahaha.
ive lost a lot of weight here. im not eating a lot and being on bike makes you burn off a lot. im trying to stay happy and find the good everywhere. im reading in the book of mormon im now in alma i think chapter 10 im also outlining preach my gospel so thats good.
please pray for me.

love elder sterling woodruff.