Tuesday, June 22, 2010

May 7, 2010

well all is well here in the mtc i dont know if you have gotten any of my letters at home. im sorry i cant call home for mothers day but i guess i get to call home in the airport so you will here from me then. tell mom how much i love here and give her a big hug for mothers day. i miss home but im not home sick at all. hey i dont know if you got the letter saying im DL! its really cool but stressful at sometimes i pray for you guys every night i hope everything is going smoothly. oh i got my shots it cost $109 im sending the bill home here soon =). well im killing at basketball here and want you to know your going down!!!!!
well i have to go tell mom i love her and thank you all for the packadges i love them and we are almost done with the chips and dip =) thanks dad and mom and lauren and ..................................................brittany too i guess lol send this email to them and mom i love you =) ill email you next friday =)

love elder sterling woodruff =)