Tuesday, June 22, 2010

May 14, 2010

Well today is my last P-Day in the mtc and i leave on the 18th at 5 A.M.!!! im so excited! well i wrote home not too long ago telling you guys that i got to see Elder Holland speak here at the mtc!!! it was so awesome i was like 5 rows away from him and the spirit was so amazing!!! He shared some stories about his mission and the importance of serving. he also explain that we must obey every rule. he said "this is not burger king! you dont get it your way! its the Lord's way and no other!!! he was pointing to the crowd when he said that and he pointed right at me! scary!!! he also said if we leave the church after serving a mission he would punch us in the nose! it was an intense meeting but i loved every minute of it!!! i hope all is well at home and i want to say thanks to everyone one for writing and sending packages they are always a major boost in my days keep them coming but just send them to Seattle =) i love hearing about home but im not missing home. i love you all so much! i love you all and thanks for the support xoxoxox