Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June 14, 2010

its great to here that summer has hit bakersfield. its has yet to arrive in seattle. today is probably in the 60s which is nice im not complaining at all =). Dad told me about his ICD implant thats great! how are you feeling about reno now? better? =) im pretty excited about it. tell lauren congrats on the dance recital thats really exciting. i wish i did dance longer than what i did. i plan on taking like ballroom dancing and stuff when i get back to BYU-I. well this last week for me was pretty hard. we had our girl that was set up for baptism drop off and had no one to teach and our one member referral got poisoned while working on his lawn =/. satan is trying his hardest to keep us from teaching which has made it a hard long week but my head is still high and im pushing on =). thanks for mowing the lawn =) im happy i dont have to do that anymore but i have helped a lot of people move.......so i guess im still doing a lot of manual labor. please pray for me transfers are coming up and im nervous.
dad! i got a hug from you yesterday =)! it made me tear up a little bit. brother Blythe came up and gave me a hug and said it was from you =). i love you dad.

Love, Elder Sterling Woodruff