Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June 7, 2010

i love geting emails from you guys i look forward to it every week but a hand written letter is always nice too =). WOW thats crazy about grandma gormley! and its really good she is feeling a lot better. well all is going well here
right now im in mosiah reading about abinadi. its really cool im really getting into the scriptures and theyre becoming alive to me. i almost look at them like a really intense tv show or something so im really enjoying them. my companion is from nephi utah he is a cool guy and we get along well =) i am in a car right now which is nice and we only have one ward, im doing well with the lessons and hmmmm we are in a apartment that is small and really old. the members feed us twice a week and i think im getting bigger from both growing and eating and working out. so yeah =) how is home have you been to reno yet? how is it here?